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Our mission at Ubermummies is to empower women to love their bodies & lives. We're all about living, loving and laughing together. Here are some happy stories about just that.

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We love hearing what our Ubermummies members have to say. Nobody can say it better than they do themelves. So this page is dedicted to their happy stories and voices.

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Clare Silva's Happy Story

Alex says "We love this story of mums thriving together mentally and physically as they find their power in Ubermummies online community. Young mum Clare Silva, a longterm Brighton-based Ubermummies member (she used to workout with Ubermummies years ago - bringing her little ones to the park too) decided enough was enough in November 2020 when she realised her mental wellbeing was deteriorating along with becoming physically inactive. Clare reached out to two of her longtime best friends Carmel and Vicky (also mums) who live far away in different parts of the UK (Bristol & North Yorkshire) and suggested they join her in a team commitment to work out live and regularly, together, as members of Ubermummies. The rest (as they say) is history..."

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"During the first lockdown I struggled with my mental health - I wasn't exercising at all and was just getting through each day. During the November lockdown I decided to give Alex's online classes a go and I honestly don't know why I didn't do it sooner.

Having exercise done by 7.15am feels so good and so does the fact that I don't have to leave the house to do it! I could have done a free pre recorded class but being live with all the other women (and with Alex literally checking up on us via her zoom screen) makes all the difference. It makes me feel so much better after I'm done. For me, exercise is for my mental health - if I loose a couple of pounds along the way it's a bonus. Thanks Alex and congratulations on making 2020 not only work for you but for lifting up so many others."

Katie B

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Charley Lilley's Happy Story

Alex says, "Charlie and I instantly hit it off and she is the most wonderful person to be around. Super gorgeous energy, utterly adorable with her darling Florence, she absolutely smashes her workouts and is online with us each week at all the early sessions. Charlie loves people fiercely, just like me and her outlook on life is super positive which I admire. Florence is an absolute treasure and as Charlie says, our community is everything all of us in this thing called life together."

A happy pregnancy story

"Alex's Uber Mummies classes have been an absolute must throughout my pregnancy and lockdown. Started them outside every Saturday morning down on the beach and it was love at first lunge. Wonderful community, incredible energy and always so fun. Perfect start to the weekend.

Since lockdown I have been doing them most mornings on Zoom and can honestly say I don't know where I would be without them. I am 37 weeks pregnant and still loving them and know they a key reason I have not suffered the usual aches and pains associated with pregnancy. Alex seriously knows her stuff and can offer a whole host of variations. You feel so looked after over the screen.

She has incredible energy and offers so much support to every UM out there, emotionally, physically, nutritionally.....the list goes on. If she can't get you out of bed and onto a mat and don't who can!

Everyone needs a morning UM class in their life whether you are a ultra marathon runner or have just invested in your first pair of trainers these classes are for you.
I can't wait to back bopping around with everyone on the seafront."

Georgie M

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Gemma Bigwood's Happy Story

Alex says, "I would like to describe Gemma as a superstar mummy. She has two little beauties Florrie and Jonah, both of whom used to come to Ubermummies outside when Gemma lived in Hove. Having moved back home to Liverpool, Gemma is firmly online with us week in, week out and I have to say she has utterly transformed herself since we went into the first lockdown. Dress sizes down, 2.5 stone GONE forever, an avid online superstar - to say I am proud is an understatement - and we share the same birthday too - 10.10 which is very special indeed."


"I love Ubermummies because I get to do a decent workout and have a whole tribe behind me cheering me on."

Zoey Leigh

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Claire Patey's Happy Story

Alex says, "Claire came bowling into the Ubermummies community with her two beautiful boys Thomas & Alex and was instantly adored. Thomas her eldest is mostly known to be pretty much attached to my leg or be my shadow when we train in the parks and on the beach. It’s so wonderful to have Claire and her boys as part of the community and Claire is such a warm and kind hearted soul, you just can’t help but be drawn to her infectious zest for life."

"I love Ubermummies because it offers me support and a sense of community whilst also allowing me to work towards the goals which are important to me. No fads. No gimmicks. Nothing unachievable. Just consistency and friendship."

Emma Ratcliffe

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Rachel K's Happy Story

Alex says, "Mine and Rachel’s friendship is absolutely unbreakable. Rachel very first reached out to me and asked me to seriously help her, to lose weight and to support her. To say she has transformed is an understatement (4.5 stone GONE) I have watched her change before my eyes. We have had so many laughs and tears but the main thing is that she has never ever given up - she gives her workouts and life 110% and is literally a Solo SuperMummy to her two beautiful girls Olivia and Milly, who are both adored by me as I am them. You should be very proud Rachel Kirkwood - you bring so much energy and huge amounts of fun to the Ubermummies community - loved by everyone!"


"I joined Ubermummies four years ago when my eldest was 7 months old. I was struggling to get motivated but really wanted to get back into shape. Alex is so incredibly supportive and a force of positivity, it pretty much feels like she is holding your hand all the time. Once I made that first step I felt so much better for it and four years on and with another little one in tow I’m still loving being a part of this wonderful community.

There are always options so you can tailor the work out to what you’ve got in the tank that day. If you need to duck out and feed the baby that is totally fine, equally if you want to work super hard and give it all you’ve got that is fine too!

Joining Ubermummies is without question one of the best things I could have done since having a family. I love the fact my little one’s see me exercising and they love getting involved, whether that's when we are in the park or online. I have made some incredible friendships and I’m a whole lot stronger both physically and mentally because I have Ubermummies in my life!"

Laura Burt

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