In-Person Classes

Ubermummies In-Person Classes are an addition to the online schedule but are firmly where the Ubermummies foundations were laid!

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But we have evolved and grown!

Pre-Covid Ubermummies was solely an outdoor fitness community in Brighton and Hove limiting it to local people only. But not anymore! The pandemic period has seen us evolve into a beautiful and powerful online community. We have thoughtfully (and exponentially) added to the membership offering and are proud to now serve amazing women all over the world - from Scotland to Nova Scotia! This is clearly a very, very exciting development.


The most powerful and precious thing about Ubermummies is the personal connection and this is experienced throughout every LIVE online class and every in-person class.

Ubermummies Core Values

Ubermummies is so much more than a fitness club. Our mission is to empower women to love their bodies & lives. Everything we do in our community is focused on supporting this objective in its fullest sense which means that the benefits are huge!

Love & Consistency

Fun & Happiness

Thriving not surviving

Strength in mind & body

Friendship & Community

Making beautiful memories

Options & Possibilities

Balance & Growth

Kind words

"I was feeling unfit and unattractive, tired and completely lost on how to start exercising during the lockdown. I messaged Alex and she replied so quickly and positively, I felt better immediately. The online schedule works perfectly for me. The classes are varied, fun, positive and always really challenging. Coming back to exercise after a long hiatus I was a bit nervous but Alex gives us options and is always on hand, watching your technique and encouraging you to push yourself and do the best you can. I always feel amazing after the online sessions and Alex’s positivity is with me all day. I can’t thank Alex enough for keeping me active, connected and generally getting me to a place where I feel healthier, fitter and stronger."

Claudia Pritchard, Ubermummies member

Outdoor Classes Include:

Exercise sessions that empower and motivate

Here at Ubermummies we’re all about making you feel stronger, fitter, happier and healthier. Workout with like-minded women and have fun along the way!

Exercise is a bi-product

Our community is the bloodline of Ubermummies. Fitness and exercise happen naturally whilst you’re busy forming friendships and having a laugh with wonderful women

Build lasting friendships

Connection is what makes Ubermummies so special to so many. We are passionate about bringing people together and building our community so come and join us and find your like-minded crew

Flexible fitness
(with or without children)

Feel intimidated by the gym? Find it hard to motivate yourself? Can’t take your children to the gym? Do something for you today and sign up to Ubermummies. You won’t regret it!

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