"I would much rather share oodles of money in ThankYOUs with MY beautiful membership community than spend it on paid ads with the likes of Facebook. Who's in?"

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Who is it for?

You're an Ubermummies member and you want to share with your family and friends or social media buddies.

Benefits - touch people's lives in a positive way, give yourself some thing to commit to which helps you connect with old friends wherever they may be located. Get fit, share your passion for fitness with others, reconnect with friends afar and wide. All work out together live everyday. earn a financial bonus for being a connector and enriching others lives. Be rewarded well and create regular recurring income for proactively sharing what you believe in with your friends and family.


Or you are an Ubermummies member and you are have a business presence and engaged social media following who you know will love to hear about UM.

Share your passion for Ubermummies with your email list and engaged followers whilst benefitting from offer special bonuses and or discounts. Help us cultivate the Ubermummies collaborative community culture between businesses. Add another robust recurring incomes stream to your business with little to no extra effort. Share your fitness journey with your business community and add depth and increased value to your existing brand presence.

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Meet our Motivators

"Alex has kept the classes so varied over such a long period of time which is a huge achievement and also means that I keep coming back for more. Long live Ubermummies! For me one of the most significant changes since being part of Ubermummies, with Alex's amazing support, has been that I have stopped weighing myself and no longer own any scales. This has marked a very powerful shift in how I think about myself, my body and my weight."

Kate Holder, Ubermummies member

"I was feeling unfit and unattractive, tired and completely lost on how to start exercising during the lockdown. I messaged Alex and she replied so quickly and positively, I felt better immediately. The online schedule works perfectly for me. The classes are varied, fun, positive and always really challenging. Coming back to exercise after a long hiatus I was a bit nervous but Alex gives us options and is always on hand, watching your technique and encouraging you to push yourself and do the best you can. I always feel amazing after the online sessions and Alex’s positivity is with me all day. I can’t thank Alex enough for keeping me active, connected and generally getting me to a place where I feel healthier, fitter and stronger."

Claudia Pritchard, Ubermummies member

"I love Ubermummies because it offers me support and a sense of community whilst also allowing me to work towards the goals which are important to me. No fads. No gimmicks. Nothing unachievable. Just consistency and friendship."

Emma Ratcliffe

Motivator Benefits

Encourage others get fit, healthy and happy, be part of other's fitness journey

An opportunity to helps others whilst being rewarding financially as a thank You

Do something that makes you feel good

Keep yourself and own fitness in check because your gang will be looking to you for consistency

Be a key part of the Ubermummies magic as the story unfolds

Be part of building a gorgeous community where everyone is abundant in health, wealth and positive heartset

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Ubermummies Core Values

Ubermummies is so much more than a fitness club. Our mission is to empower women to love their bodies & lives. Everything we do in our community is focused on supporting this objective in its fullest sense which means that the benefits are huge!

Love & Consistency

Fun & Happiness

Thriving not surviving

Strength in mind & body

Friendship & Community

Making beautiful memories

Options & Possibilities

Balance & Growth