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Our Precious Children’s Charity in India & why we support it as a community

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When I very first met my gorgeous Johnny Boy (that’s my husband to-be BTW!), you can imagine the glee in my eyes when he told me he was a trustee of an education based children’s charity out in South East India - providing an education to poverty stricken children. It was literally the icing on the cake! I have always imagined being closely connected to a precious charity and having something to get my whole community behind - and that we do! John and I sponsor 5 children a month to be educated and a small amount of the money each month also ensures their welfare is looked after. 

The Venkat Memorial Trust has changed the lives of hundreds of children and I can proudly say that with the combined efforts of myself and many of the Ubermummies Community, we now have the Ubermummies Legacy fully funding 7 university scholarships for amazing students to fully go on to get incredible degrees, incredible jobs and eradicating their old life of poverty.

We raised £1000 and these funds are now buying smart furniture to kit out a wonderful new University Student Common room in the village, to give the Uni students a really grown up and smart place to hang out and look to their bright futures, away from small cramped houses where they reside. Many of the Ubermummies community also sponsor children to go to school (£14 per month per child) and this fills our hearts with nothing more than pure joy, knowing we are ALL making a big difference and giving the children such a flying start at a life they never would have without our help.

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