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The Ubermummies live, online fitness community is all about helping you feel stronger, fitter, happier & healthier. 

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Why Ubermummies?

You don’t have to be a mummy to join us. You just need to be up for getting stuck in and making the best of yourself and life.

We’re a live, online community for everyone who wants to exercise, make friends and feel great!

We love meeting new people and are always excited to grow our gorgeous tribe. You can get started for £1 for one week. 

Alex Smallman – Founder

Ubermummies Core Values


Within Ubermummies the feeling of being loved is felt everywhere, throughout every workout, friendship, conversation, social interaction & collaboration. Team that with consistency in support & kindness and the Ubermummies recipe is powerful. A truly special combination.


A community where fun & happiness runs throughout everyone's veins. Exercise & life should be fun and in equal measure it will make you super happy. We have no room for negative nelly’s! We definitely don’t do mean girls.


At Ubermummies we will always empower you to build strength in both your mind & body. You need both to be firmly in place. Just watch life change in extraordinary ways when they are.


Our daily mission is to see you absolutely thrive in every aspect of life. We will provide you with the tools to help you fly and be here to catch you, if you have a little fall.


Our community is our bloodline. The friendships formed are rare and unbreakable. We welcome every person with open arms and invite anyone to come along for the ride. We all need an extra special second home.


Whether it be workouts, retreats, events, Teatime Talks, Lunchtime Chats or Fizz Fridays (brunches, interviews, workshops) you name it - we will forever be making amazing memories for you and with you.


At Ubermummies you have all the options and possibilities for everything in life to be enriched at your fingertips. Link arms, get started, run with it, get focused on where YOU want to be. Know everything begins somewhere and know that you will get there, providing you stay in your lane.


Finding balance in life is a true pleasure. No ‘mean girl’ talk to yourself! Practicing positivity and trusting the process are the keys to unlocking your potential. Realising how you can grow is super exciting, celebrating every mini success is vital. Put the two together and life becomes a super joyful event!

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Alex's Story

"Ubermummies was founded in 2015 when I moved to Hove and a very dear friend told me she’d love to train with me but couldn’t because, like so many women, she struggled to fit in exercise around her kids. Never one to be defeated, I told her to put her son in his buggy, bring him to the park and we’d train with him! 3 years, and many mums and kids later(!), and Ubermummies has grown into the most special, inspiring and empowering community that I am so proud of.

My 3 pillar approach to health and wellbeing is: move, nourish, connect. It’s vital to move your body, to nourish it with good food and nutrients and connect to beautiful, positive people who make you feel good.  This is what Ubermummies is all about.

My mission everyday when I wake up is to positively impact others’ lives, to inspire, motivate and support people however I possibly can. It brings me so much joy and happiness to see our community grow, to see people change and to see other people support my mission.

Ubermummies is all for sharing, the mission and vision is huge and you are all so welcome to be a part of it."

With love,
Alex xx

About the Ubermummies Community

Build lasting friendships

Connection is what makes Ubermummies so special to so many. We are passionate about bringing people together and building our community so come and join us and find your like-minded crew

Exercise is a bi-product

Our community is the bloodline of Ubermummies. Fitness and exercise happen naturally whilst you’re busy forming friendships and having a laugh with wonderful women

Flexible fitness
(with or without children)

Feel intimidated by the gym? Find it hard to motivate yourself? Can’t take your children to the gym? Do something for you today and sign up to Ubermummies. You won’t regret it!

Exercise sessions that empower and motivate

Here at Ubermummies we’re all about making you feel stronger, fitter, happier and healthier. Workout with like-minded women and have fun along the way!

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