In-Person Classes

Ubermummies In-Person Classes are an addition to the online schedule should you be local to us here in Hove.

Workout with us by the sea in the great outdoors.


About Our Classes 

Alex - Founder of Ubermummies - believes fitness is for everyone, no matter what their fitness levels are.
At Ubermummies it's our greatest passion is to just get someone started.

We work with women throughout all the varying stages of life.

The most powerful and precious thing about Ubermummies is the personal connections created throughout all of our sessions.
The sessions in Stoneham Park classes are perfect for you to work out with your little ones in tow! Every class is a different experience and fun is always in mind.

Join the beach sessions at Rockwater to get that sea air fix, whilst working out and having fun. 

Love & Consistency

Fun & Happiness

Thriving not surviving

Strength in
mind & body

Friendship & Community

Making beautiful memories

Options & Possibilities

Balance & Growth

Client Testimonials

"I was feeling unfit and unattractive, tired and completely lost on how to start exercising during the lockdown. I messaged Alex and she replied so quickly and positively, I felt better immediately. The online schedule works perfectly for me. The classes are varied, fun, positive and always really challenging. Coming back to exercise after a long hiatus I was a bit nervous but Alex gives us options and is always on hand, watching your technique and encouraging you to push yourself and do the best you can. I always feel amazing after the online sessions and Alex’s positivity is with me all day. I can’t thank Alex enough for keeping me active, connected and generally getting me to a place where I feel healthier, fitter and stronger."

Claudia Pritchard, Ubermummies member 

"I have been an Ubermummies member for over a year now and I can't recommend it enough. I am someone who has tried everything but never really stuck at anything. Until I met Alex. My son is an early riser so I am always up early anyway but now I get up and do something really valuable with that time.... I exercise....3 times a week. This is unheard of for me! I am now the strongest and healthiest I have ever felt and I am so thankful to Alex and her online community for this. I would highly recommend it to anyone!
Marielle - Ubermummies member  

"I can’t recommend Ubermummies enough. If you are a bit worried about getting back into fitness or just getting fit after having a baby Alex will help you every step of the way. I started off doing the easy version of the exercises and worked my way up over time and Alex will always help you to achieve the best you can. She is so positive and the class puts you in a good mood for the rest of the day.

I always found exercise a chore but now I look forward to class and wouldn’t be without my two workouts a week, I NEVER thought I’d say that! As for the baby weight, I’m smaller now than ever, after two children!! Due to being consistent and with 6 classes a week to choose from it’s so flexible to work around."

Rebecca Bryan, Ubermummies member 

"I have been a client of Ubermummies from the early days. The reason I have been a consistent client of her online classes and rarely missed any of them is because Alex has been so motivational and so instrumental in the improvement in my overall well-being. She has done it through genuine care and with an infectious humour which has always made me want to come back for more. She is that rare mix of a truly ambitious professional and the person who cares."

Kate - Ubermummies member
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