Stronger Together

A trio of long term friends leverage the power of Ubermummies to support each other into feeling fitter, stronger, happier and more deeply connected than ever before!

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A heartwarming lockdown success story

We love this story of mums thriving together mentally and physically as they find their power in Ubermummies online community. Young mum Clare Silva, a longterm Brighton-based Ubermummies member (she used to workout with Ubermummies years ago - bringing her little ones to the park too) decided enough was enough in November 2020 when she realised her mental wellbeing was deteriorating along with becoming physically inactive.

Clare recommitted to Ubermummies online when she partook in the ‘Feel Like A Christmas Cracker (not a Christmas Pudding!)’ bootcamp week in December 2020. Clare reached out to two of her longtime best friends Carmel and Vicky (also mums) who live far away in different parts of the UK (Bristol & North Yorkshire) and suggested they join her in a team commitment to work out live and regularly, together, as members of Ubermummies.

The three girls have leveraged the Ubermummies community and its extensive timetable of LIVE, online classes to create accountability for each other’s fitness and mental well being during lockdown. This structured, guided support combined with accountability to each other coupled with their personal determination and commitment to consistency - means that six months later they all feel fitter and more connected to each other than ever before.

This is such a truly happy and positive-outcomes-only lockdown success story! We love it! 

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Carmel's Story


"This weekend, my best friends and I are celebrating 20 weeks of consistent, daily workouts with a zoom party and plenty of fizz! Our journey started with just a week long boot camp.

In November last year, repeated lockdowns were getting to me and I’d lost all motivation to be active. It was at this low point during the pandemic that the suggestion of doing a seven day Ubermummies boot camp to raise money for a children’s charity in India was floated in our WhatsApp chat group. It was just what I needed to kickstart some activity before the festive feasting season got underway. 

Prior to embarking on the boot camp week, I had exercised in fits and starts, sometimes taking on charity challenges but never really sticking to anything or being consistent. I would have described myself as unfit.   

Three of us, who have been friends for over 15 years, decided to join the boot camp week together so that we could spur each other on. For the next week, we got up early every morning and worked out online. The live classes were great, each one completely different and with loads of options to suit different levels of fitness. I felt instantly included and part of something. Alex, the founder of Ubermummies exudes positivity and it is catching! 

I had expected to get to the end of the week and feel relieved that I didn’t need to keep getting up early to workout, but the opposite was true - I didn’t want to stop, none of us did! We loved our morning WhatsApp messages encouraging each other and we were all feeling stronger, more energised and enthusiastic about keeping going with the exercise schedule.

This feeling of enjoying regular exercise was new and it felt great! 

Roll on 20 weeks and the three of us have continued to workout with Ubermummies. We still workout most days, taking advantage of the range of classes available both live and recorded. We all live in different areas of the country but working out online every day has really brought us together. We’re in daily contact and we’re closer now despite the distance between us. We gently hold each other to account, showing up with each other, encouraging each other with kindness and good humour. It’s been our anchor during lockdown, our routine and our mental freedom.  I used to spend a lot of time feeling guilty and berating myself for not exercising - now I put in 45 minutes each morning and get to feel great for the rest of the day.

Working out consistently has been a real game changer, the more I do the more I want to do. I have more energy, a positive outlook and feel able to take on more professionally and personally. I feel like I have more time in my day and the headspace to be more organised. That’s on top of feeling stronger, more confident and more connected to my best friends.

I can’t imagine ever slipping back into the inconsistent exercise routines of my past because I know I have my best friends and the UberMummies community to keep me on track. 

I’d highly recommend a boot camp to get started as it gives you a focus. Once you’ve got into a rhythm you’ll want to keep going just for the fantastic feeling after each workout. 

If I look back on my lockdown, working out with Ubermummies and my best friends has been a highlight and it makes me smile with pride to think I’m still going strong after 20 weeks!"

Carmel Offord, Ubermummies Member

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